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en:brix:goods:transferstocks [29/11/2019 14:28] (trenutno)
Zoran Spoja stvoreno
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 +====== Transfer stocks from between departments ======
 +  - Select department from which the goods need to exit.
 +  - Enter a [[en:brix:goods_outs]] document, type "MSD - Inventory transfer" with all goods that need to go out of selected department. Only enter quantities, do not ammend the prices or values.
 +  - Check and approve the [[en:brix:goods_outs]] document
 +  - Select department into which the goods need to enter,
 +  - Enter a [[en:brix:goods_ins]], type "MSD - Inventory transfer" and in the //[Goods Out}// field select the previous [[en:brix:goods_outs]] document.
 +  - Save the document
 +  - Check if the total value of the [[en:brix:goods_outs]] and [[en:brix:goods_ins]] document are identical and then approve the [[en:brix:goods_ins]] document.
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