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en:brix:dms [03/12/2018 23:47] (trenutno)
Zoran Spoja stvoreno
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 +====== Document Management System (DMS) ======
 +===== Document Management System (DMS) Features =====
 +  * **Electronic Storage Location:** Storage locations are in direct relation to departments and/or target data: vehicles, partners, employees, goods and services, Brix generated documents (invoices, quotes, job cards...) etc.
 +  * **Annotation:** Naming, tagging and commenting the Document.
 +  * **Search:** Easy and fast search for individual documents and files.
 +  * **Share:** Multiple users can access the same file at the same time.
 +  * **Version Control:** Version control gives you the ability to manage document change and revision done for particular documents.
 +  * **Audit:** History of who uplaoded and made updates to the documents.
 +  * **Physical Storage Location:**
 +  * **Document Capture and Management:** Centralize paper documents & electronic files and access them with one familiar interface from all work stations in your office. at home or froma any device with an internet connection.
 +  * **Publish to WWW:**
 +  * **Security and Access Control:** Flexible user, group andd department based security with separate access and update control enabling Public, Single User, User Groups or Users by Department rights.
 +  * **Document relations:** Many-to-many relations between documents and target data. Document Relations allow grouping and easy access of documents filed in different locations throughout the Repository.
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